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5 Top Bacon Recipes You Need to Try

When it comes to British bacon, it is a super versatile ingredient for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, bacon can be added to most meals to add crispness and a smokey flavour. Whether you prefer to grill, pan fry or air fry your bacon, we have compiled a list of the 5 top bacon […]

Different Ways Lamb Be Used in Your Next Meal

For as long as we can remember, lamb has been a staple meat in many dishes and cuisines around the world. If you are fond of a lamb dinner and you are looking for different ways to cook it, this article is made for you. We will discover the different ways lamb can be used […]

How to Prepare the Perfect Christmas Dinner

Christmas is a time of joy, cheer, gathering with your loved ones and let’s not forget the delicious food! To make this festive season truly special, you need to prepare the perfect Christmas dinner. As your trusted wholesale butcher, we’re here to provide you with valuable tips and advice on how to prepare a mouth-watering […]

Father’s Day Feast: Delicious Recipes To Spoil Dad On His Special Day

On June 18th, dads and father-figures alike will be celebrated across the UK as well as in other countries such as Ireland, France, Canada and the USA. For other countries across the world, Father’s Day falls on different dates according to each country’s tradition. In the UK, it is a common tradition for dads and […]

Top Tips For Grilling The Perfect Steak, According To A Butcher

As summer approaches, so does the BBQ season for Brits. When it comes to how you like your steak cooked, everyone has their own preference – whether that is rare, medium or well done, it’s a personal choice. As a butchering company and steak lover ourselves, we certainly have all the expert knowledge you need […]

Delicious Meaty Sandwich Ideas For British Sandwich Week

Every year, The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association holds an event known as British Sandwich Week to honour the nation’s love for club sandwiches, butties, subs, wraps, baguettes, baps, bagels, toasties, paninis, ciabattas and everything in between. The week-long event takes place this year between 22nd and 28th May.  What better way to […]

What Meat Should I Choose For Easter Dinner?

Most people enjoy beef, chicken or pork all year round. With Spring approaching fast, there is one type of meat that is associated with Easter more than others. That is of course, lamb. For decades, households across the UK have chosen lamb for their Easter Sunday dinners.  In this article by The Catering Butcher, we […]

Why Should You Buy Meat From A Butcher?

The process of choosing meat from the butchers or the supermarket varies from person to person. Some people prefer the convenience of purchasing their meat while doing the weekly food shop. While other people prefer visiting a traditional butcher shop. Not to be biased, but we believe the best meat is butcher meat, hands down. […]

Your Ultimate Guide To Christmas Dinner

Out of all the dinners we have during the year, the annual Christmas dinner is the best and without question, it is the meal we look forward to the most. If you’re hosting Christmas dinner at your home, you want it to look appetising but most importantly, you’ll want your guests to be satisfied with […]

The Perfect Meat For Your Winter Roast

Doesn’t the sound of a roast dinner make your mouth slightly water? There is something so authentic about a traditional Sunday roast. Having friends or family gathered around the kitchen table is the perfect time to catch up, spend quality time together, and allow time away from staring at phones and screens. Having a delicious, […]

The Great British Roast Dinner

We recently touched on why great British barbecues are so brilliant, and why it is a staple of British culture – indeed, there are few occasions as quintessentially British as the Great British Barbeque. Perhaps the only meal more stereotypically British is the famous roast dinner.  But why is the plate so iconic? Why does […]

Catering Meat Suppliers Guide: Chicken

It feels like a while since our last addition to the catering meat suppliers guide. In fact, it was all the way back in January when we last touched on the apparent excellence of pork. After such a notable absence, we thought it was about time to reignite the interest in our meat lovers all […]

Back To School Lunches

In the next week or so, students up and down the country will be returning back to their classrooms. This means packed lunches, school dinners, homework and the inevitable rush of the last minute stationery shop. As a well regarded meat supplier in Staffordshire, we have many unique and diverse meats which will be right […]

The Best Meat Dishes For Summer

With only a few weeks left of summer, many of us will be trying to make the most of what little time we have left. From last minute weekend trips to the beach, to sunbathing on your lunch break, there are still many ways you can enjoy what we have left of this bright season. […]

Cater To Your Dad This Father’s Day

This coming Sunday, the UK celebrates Father’s day. This usually means last minute rushing to get cards, gifts or any other item your father may require. When getting him a gift; you might be tempted to run to the supermarket for spontaneous surprise, look online for any last minute deals or even going to a […]

Top 5 Meats for Breakfast

At The Catering Butcher, we have recently introduced our special breakfast stack and it has got us thinking; what are the best meats to have for breakfast? Although many of us opt to have less meaty breakfasts such as cereal or porridge in the UK; there are many others who opt to have a vast […]

Delightful Lamb For The Spring

Up and down the UK, the sun is starting to peer through the clouds and tulips are beginning to sprout from the ground. This can only mean one thing; spring has officially arrived. The spring time offers many unique opportunities for meat consumption. At The Catering Butcher, your premium wholesale butchers from Staffordshire, we stock […]

National Butchers Week 2022 at The Catering Butcher

From 7th-13th March 2022, the UK celebrates national butchers week. The national butchers week showcases the very best of local and chain butchers in the UK as well as highlights their dedicated and trusted meat suppliers.  The Catering Butcher being a well renowned catering meat supplier in Staffordshire; we want to heap more praise onto […]

The Perfect Meal for Valentine’s Day

For many, the 14th of February conjures feelings of panic and stress. What do you get for your beloved partner? Do you take them out for a meal? What if there are no tables left at restaurants they like?  At The Catering Butcher, we suggest a fantastic alternative to trying to get a last minute […]

Catering Meat Suppliers Guide: Pork

At The Catering Butcher, one of our many specialties is our finest cuts of pork. This is why have to decide to put the spotlight on the now famous meat for this edition of the catering meat suppliers guide.  Being an experienced wholesale butchers from Staffordshire, we have quite the plethora of knowledge when it comes […]