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Why Should You Buy Meat From A Butcher?

13th March 2023

The process of choosing meat from the butchers or the supermarket varies from person to person. Some people prefer the convenience of purchasing their meat while doing the weekly food shop. While other people prefer visiting a traditional butcher shop.

Not to be biased, but we believe the best meat is butcher meat, hands down. To reflect this, we have written this article on why you should buy your meat from a butcher shop. Continue reading to find out why purchasing meat from a butcher is better than at a supermarket, or any other place which sells meat for that matter.


One of the main differences between butcher meat and supermarket meat is the level of quality. Supermarket meat is packaged in a factory, transported longer distances, and stored on shop shelves for longer. On the other hand, butcher meat is generally sourced locally, this means the meat is supplied fresh from the bone. The meat is usually cut in front of you as you purchase it. Additionally,  pre-cut meat options are available and displayed behind the meat counter.


The main reason why many people prefer meat from the supermarket is due to its lower cost. However, affordable meat doesn’t usually offer the highest quality. Butchers can offer higher quality meat and it can be just as affordable, depending on the cuts of course. 

Most supermarket meat is packaged and sold in larger quantities. If a person lives alone, or they have limited space in their fridge or freezer, extra meat ends up going in the bin if not cooked before the use by date. At butchers, you can purchase only the amount you require, meaning less waste while not compromising on the full tummies. Meat from the butchers might be slightly more expensive but it can help cut down on food waste and save money in the long term.


Overall, supermarkets supply a wide variety of meats and offer a friendly service to their customers. On the other hand, butchers offer the same benefits along with a more personal service. The staff are usually trained better and more thoroughly. With better training, butchers can offer more advice on what meat is the best value for money, share tips on how to cook it, and so on. 

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