Valentines Day at The Catering Butcher

The Perfect Meal for Valentine’s Day

10th February 2022

For many, the 14th of February conjures feelings of panic and stress. What do you get for your beloved partner? Do you take them out for a meal? What if there are no tables left at restaurants they like? 

At The Catering Butcher, we suggest a fantastic alternative to trying to get a last minute reservation at a fancy restaurant. Why don’t you stay in and cook a tasteful luxurious meat for that special someone this valentine’s? 

Whilst you are spoilt for choice when it comes to meat selection, being a well established catering meat supplier in Staffordshire we have learnt a few things and we are more than happy to share our romantic meat knowledge with you. 

Caring Chicken

This valentine’s day why don’t you show your other half you care by treating them to a delicious piece of chicken. Chicken is a firm favourite for most couples as the meat is incredibly diverse, dynamic and tasty. 

Chicken can be roasted, fried to your acquired taste and decorated any way you seem fit. Furthermore, you can pair chicken with a variety of other foods such as rice and of course; chips.  

Pure Pork

When it comes to meat for a romantic meal, there are few options as crowd pleasing as pork. Similar to steak there are many different cuts and types. From gammon to bacon to sausages, we are sure there will be something to please your beloved partner this valentine’s. 

Additionally, we have covered the full range of different porks in our most recent blog. 

Sizzling Sausages

Whilst on the topic of fantastical pig based products, you can not go wrong with a deluxe sausage. 

Your immediate thought when constructing meals with sausages usually detail traditional dishes such as traditional sausages and mashed potatoes, however, there is a very different picture crowd favourite these days. 

There are many options for luxurious sausages and they can also be decorated in many different ways. 

Beloved Beef

There are few better ways to showcase your veteran level cooking skills than expertly crafting a fine cut of steak for your significant other this valentine’s day. 

This option will require a bit of research beforehand. You will need to find out what your partner’s favourite cut is (Sirloin or Ribeye are always a good choice for a fancy meal) and ensure you cook it in their selected style (medium rare is always a firm favourite). 

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