Meats For Breakfast

Top 5 Meats for Breakfast

6th May 2022

At The Catering Butcher, we have recently introduced our special breakfast stack and it has got us thinking; what are the best meats to have for breakfast?

Although many of us opt to have less meaty breakfasts such as cereal or porridge in the UK; there are many others who opt to have a vast selection of meats for breakfast. Being proud meat suppliers we know all about the different types of meats you can have for breakfast; be it as part of ensemble or on its own.

We thought the introduction of our breakfast was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our wholesale butchers knowledge and look at the 5 best meats to have for breakfast. 

Black Pudding 

One of the most divisive items on the full English breakfast menu; black pudding is clearly a main staple of many breakfast’s up and down the country. Whilst a lot of meat suppliers do not supply this delicacy; this does not make the product any less popular. 

Black pudding is made from pork or beef blood, and it can be quite popularising to many meat lovers. This is largely due to the unique and potentially rough texture. All this being said however, there is no doubt that black pudding is a main staple of the full English breakfast. 


Very popular amongst Europeans; ham is frequently enjoyed with cheese for breakfast in many locations. Additionally, in North America ham is enjoyed as part of an ensemble with eggs and bacon. 

Ham is a great choice for breakfast because it is light while still being full of protein. This enables you to start your day in a fantastic way. 


Sausages are frequently enjoyed as one of the centrepieces of the traditional full English breakfasts. Going expertly well with different breakfast sauces such as ketchup and brown sauce. 


Arguably the most popular breakfast meat; bacon is part of many well renowned breakfast plates. Like bacon it is part of the famous full English breakfast and many meat enthusiasts will cite the beloved bacon bap as one of their favourite breakfasts. 


More popular as an evening meal, steak is sometimes enjoyed at breakfast time, especially in North America. For breakfast, steak is often enjoyed with eggs and more recently; it is not uncommon to see hearty produce such as avocados or tomatoes being enjoyed with a cut of premium beef.  

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