When sourcing all of our products, we have a philosophy to always source the very best flavoured and eating quality meat that is available. Our focus is always on quality and our supply chain has been specially selected to meet this goal. Our highly skilled team of butchers have years of experience to produce a premium range of traditionally butchered, vacuum packed and portion controlled meat products.

Quality Meat Suppliers

Our Beef is all steer & heifer and quality assured so that it consistently meets the high standards demanded by our customers. We mainly select from Hereford and Angus cattle simply because the meat has exceptional eating quality and the marbling and creamy fat ensures tenderness, texture and flavour. This beef is traditionally aged and matured. Our Hereford cattle are naturally reared to graze freely on lush grassland Irish pastures. This stress free environment together with the natural marbling capacity of the breed ensures an outstanding beef product providing a superior quality eating experience. Our Lamb is sourced from farms within the UK & Ireland, the majority comes from Staffordshire and Shropshire and produces tender and flavourful lamb. Pork is specially selected British and EU sourcing the best primal for the customers individual requirements. The exceptional standard of all our meat has made us one of the leading meat suppliers in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Manchester.

The Catering Butcher Service

We’re committed to sourcing quality prime meat to provide the best produce and butchery that ensures first class delivery, customer service and most important, customer satisfaction, take a look at our services page for more information.

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