Lamb For Spring

Delightful Lamb For The Spring

22nd April 2022

Up and down the UK, the sun is starting to peer through the clouds and tulips are beginning to sprout from the ground. This can only mean one thing; spring has officially arrived. The spring time offers many unique opportunities for meat consumption. At The Catering Butcher, your premium wholesale butchers from Staffordshire, we stock an extremely diverse and sufficient selection of meats we know you will love this spring.

While it is not uncommon to divulge in beef or pork during this optimal time of year. That being said, there is one type of meat which is definitely the most associated with spring. That is of course; lamb

Meat suppliers and supermarkets alike will be restocking their shelves with tender and delicious cuts of lamb this spring. 

You might be asking however, why do wholesale butchers and shops prioritise lamb during this period? Well, there are many reasons and we will detail them for you in this blog.

Lamb Is Better Quality In The Spring

To put it plainly and simply, lamb in the spring time just tastes better. It is suggested that lamb is primed from February all the way through to June, however, many argue that lamb is best enjoyed during the early months of spring such as March and April. 

This is mainly because lambs are tuned to give birth during early spring, once temperatures start to rise and the frost begins to melt. During this period, lambs can also snack on much healthier grass. The fresh grass grown in this period is chock full of omega 3 and 6; meaning the lamb bred in the spring time offer significantly more health benefits when eaten. 

A Healthier Cut Of Meat

As far as different types of meats go; lamb is considered as one of the healthiest. Firstly, lamb is a fantastic source of protein and iron. In addition to this, lamb exhibits a great selection of vitamins and minerals which include zinc and vitamins B12. 

Fantastic Array Of Options

Much like other meats we stock at The Catering Butcher, lamb has a fantastic variety of cuts offering a unique blend of textures and flavours. 

From hind and foreshank to neck and ribs, we are sure lamb will have something to tickle even the most seasoned meat enthusiasts amongst us. While we are sure other meat suppliers offer unique and great cuts, we at The Catering Butcher stock many special cuts not normally found at other wholesale butchers. 

Do You Require Lamb This Spring

Do you require lamb this spring? We are a well regarded wholesale butchers in Staffordshire who are accredited to SALSA and we offer unique and special cuts of lamb, pork, beef and many more.