A Fresh Ham Sandwich

Delicious Meaty Sandwich Ideas For British Sandwich Week

9th May 2023

Every year, The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association holds an event known as British Sandwich Week to honour the nation’s love for club sandwiches, butties, subs, wraps, baguettes, baps, bagels, toasties, paninis, ciabattas and everything in between. The week-long event takes place this year between 22nd and 28th May. 

What better way to take part than by filling your belly or your customer’s bellies with delicious meaty sandwiches? Continue reading to discover some tasty ideas to try for this British Sandwich Week. Some of these ideas you may be already familiar with, whilst others may be forgotten favourites!

1) Ham & Cheese

A ham and cheese sandwich is one of the most traditional lunch choices for Brits but never underestimate the taste it offers. Some people opt for more filling options, whereas others prefer a classic sandwich or toastie to keep them going through to dinner time. With a ham & cheese option on the lunch menu, it’s an easy go-to choice for most people.

Ham and cheese sandwiches can be made cold or toasted. For the perfect ham and cheese toastie, spread two slices of bread with butter and layer with high-quality cooked ham and cheddar cheese. Finish it off with red onion and tomatoes for extra flavour. Toast to your liking in a sandwich maker or a panini press. Serve with chips, salad or a packet of crisps. 

2) Chicken Salad

For a healthier option, chicken has a low-fat content which makes it the best meat choice for some people. Add chopped, cooked boneless chicken to a bread of your choice and top with low-fat mayonnaise, salt, pepper, lettuce, celery, red onion, sweetcorn, hard-boiled eggs or avocado. To change it up, add glazed chicken instead. Choose between garlic butter, tikka tandoor, kickin’ chilli, maple BBQ and more. Who said sandwiches can’t be both healthy and delicious?

3) Roast Beef

If you have sliced leftover roast beef, use it to make a roast beef sandwich to help tackle food waste. Cut a ciabatta in half or grab two slices of bread, top with butter or mayonnaise and fill with lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, pickles, horseradish or mustard. We have a range of beef options suitable for sandwiches such as cooked sliced topside beef. You can also choose between lean diced beef pieces and a beef roasting joint to use leftovers in a roast beef sandwich (if there are any leftovers!). Serve with chips, wedges or salad.

4) BBQ Pulled Pork

An American classic but a British favourite, BBQ pulled pork sandwich is generally made from shredded or ‘pulled’ pork shoulder. Pork meat can be slow-cooked in a BBQ sauce or a paprika mixture. Once cooked, it can be shredded using two forks to discard any fat. To make a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, layer the cooked pulled pork on a brioche bap or a bread roll with coleslaw, pickles, caramelised onions, and extra BBQ sauce. Serve with salad and chips.

5) Steak

Similar to roast beef, steak is also another delicious meat that can be used in sandwiches. A steak sandwich can be offered on the lunch or dinner menu. To make the ultimate steak sandwich, cook some onions, mushrooms and bell peppers with butter in a frying pan until tender. Next, add the leftover steak and cook until heated through. Turn off the heat and add cheese on top of the mixture and allow it to melt. Spread a mayonnaise and mustard mix or a sauce of your choice over a sliced baguette or ciabatta. Finally, scoop the steak and vegetable mixture onto the bread. Top with rocket and extra caramelised onion. Serve with chunky chips, salad, onion rings or roast potatoes. 

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