Father's Day Meats

Cater To Your Dad This Father’s Day

16th June 2022

This coming Sunday, the UK celebrates Father’s day. This usually means last minute rushing to get cards, gifts or any other item your father may require. To get him a gift; you might running to the supermarket, looking online or even going to a shopping centre. However, we bet not many of you will be rushing out to your local meat supplier. 

At the Catering Butcher, your well regarded catering meat suppliers from Staffordshire, we are competitively priced high quality meat produced which can cater to even the most stringent of father’s taste buds. So why don’t you cater to your dad this father’s day and get him something he really wants; that of course being his tasty and delightful meat fix. 

Sympathy of Flavours

Instead of getting your dad just one type of meat this father’s day, why not get him a wide range of succulent meats. If the weather is nice, treat him to some banging burgers or some sizzling sausages. If he likes to have meat for breakfast, why not get him our new breakfast stack. 

Or if he prefers a more elephant meat experience, why not get him one of our famous cuts of steak. No matter his need or requirement, we are sure we offer a premium quality piece of meat. 

Top Quality Meats

In many of our previous blogs, we have detailed the undeniable quality of our meat. Our meat is top quality, has an excellent variety and to accompany this, our customer service is all encompassing and extremely friendly.  Afterall, you would not give your dad a present of poor quality. Luckily, at The Catering Butcher, you can rest assured your dad will be more than satisfied with he quality of our  product. 

Why Not Let Him Choose?   

If you feel that deciding what meat your dad should have this father is too overbearing, we have good news for you. You can purchase one of our new gift cards. Our gift cards give the power back to your dad and they ensure that he is happy with all of his meat needs. 

Trust us with your wholesale butcher needs this father’s day. While our collection of meat related products is very expansive; you might not be able to find what you are looking for. In that case, please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, if you are interested in one of our special gift cards, please get in touch for more information.