National Butchers Week at The Catering Butcher

Retail Outlets


216 Sutherland Road, Longton, Stoke on Trent, ST3 1JB

01782 744488 opt#   Open: Tue-Sun

The best thing to come out of Covid Lockdown!!.  We now have a purpose build shop open to the public at our factory premises offering all the best fresh meat usually reserved for your favourite restaurants.

H.H.Jackson Ltd.  32 Fenpark Road – (Where it all began!)

01782 312778   Open: Mon-Sat.

Since 1926 H.H.Jackson Ltd has continually traded from these premises, still operating as the local community Family Butcher but drawing regular custom from far and wide.  Pete, Claire and  team are always happy to sort you out with the best fresh meat available for miles around.  ST4 3JU 

H.H.Jackson Ltd. Stoke Market Stall

01782 745708 Open: Wed, Fri, Sat

We have operated a stall on Stoke Market almost as since the company began in 1926, even when the Market was destroyed by fire in 1982, we were the first to return to the new Market in 1984. Having followed in his father Grahams footsteps, Mark Jackson a forth generation family member can be heard having banter across the market every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. ST4 4AD