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Back To School Lunches

1st September 2022

In the next week or so, students up and down the country will be returning back to their classrooms. This means packed lunches, school dinners, homework and the inevitable rush of the last minute stationery shop. As a well regarded meat supplier in Staffordshire, we have many unique and diverse meats which will be right at home as as part of your child’s packed lunch. 

With your children going back to school in the next week or so, we thought now is an opportune time to detail some of the best meats, and subsequently best back to school lunches. 

Ham Sandwich

When it comes to school lunches, can you get any more quintessentially British and iconic than the humble ham sandwich. Alongside the fact that the ham sandwich has an instantly recognisable and crowd pleasing flavour, the ham sandwich is dynamic and affordable. 

The ham sandwich is a brilliant weapon for any parent to have in their arsenal. Not only can you make them in bulk, ensuring your child always has high quality lunches available no matter the occasion, but the meal can be garnished with all manner of extras. Whether you want to sprinkle a pinch of salt over it, dress the sandwich with lettuce or apply a unique sauce, the possibilities are endless.  

Chicken Wrap

From one very customisable lunch idea to another. A chicken wrap is rather easy to make up and the lunch is surprisingly healthy. The chicken on its own holds fantastic nutritional value as well as being a brilliant source of protein. 

The wrap can also be padded out with the aforementioned lettuce and other fantastic extras. If you are looking for a quick and tasty packed lunch, you can not go wrong with a chicken wrap. 

Chicken Salad

If you are looking for a healthy chicken based lunch, you can not be much healthier than the reliable chicken salad. While the chicken salad might not be your child’s favourite dinner option, without question it is one of the healthiest options available to them. If dressed and presented in the correct manner, the chicken salad can quickly become one of your child’s favourite packed lunch options in no time.  

An Array of Cooked Meats

We would like to finish by highlighting that just about any cooked meat can be a fitting packed lunch. Cooked meats and lunches are extremely beneficial because they are easy to make, carry around and consume on go. You can do all of this while not losing any of the expected and hotly anticipated flavour. 

At the Catering Butcher, we supply a fantastic range of cooked meats. In fact, our range is so accommodating and all encompassing, it goes far beyond what is expected of a typical wholesale butcher.  

From traditional cooked meats such as ham, chicken, pepperoni, beef and pork, to much more diverse meats. We have got you covered. Whether you are looking for top quality garlic sausages, sliced corned beef, sliced tongue, turkey fillet or even a buttercross farm black pudding stick, we will have something to tickle your fancy. We are a well established meat supplier with a strong reputation that you can rely on.