Meats For Breakfast

Top 5 Meats for Breakfast

6th May 2022

At The Catering Butcher, we have recently introduced our special breakfast stack and it has got us thinking; what are the best meats to have for breakfast? Although many of us opt to have less meaty breakfasts such as cereal or porridge; there are many others who opt to have a vast selection of meats […]

Lamb For Spring

Delightful Lamb For The Spring

22nd April 2022

Up and down the UK, the sun is starting to peer through the clouds and tulips are beginning to sprout from the ground. This can only mean one thing; spring has officially arrived. The spring time offers many unique opportunities for meat consumption. At The Catering Butcher, your premium wholesale butchers from Staffordshire, we stock […]

National Butchers Week at The Catering Butcher

National Butchers Week 2022 at The Catering Butcher

7th March 2022

From 7th-13th March 2022, the UK celebrates national butchers week. The national butchers week showcases the very best of local and chain butchers in the UK as well as highlights their dedicated and trusted meat suppliers.  The Catering Butcher being a well renowned catering meat supplier in Staffordshire; we want to heap more praise onto […]

Valentines Day at The Catering Butcher

The Perfect Meal for Valentine’s Day

10th February 2022

For many, the 14th of February conjures feelings of panic and stress. What do you get for your beloved partner? Do you take them out for a meal? What if there are no tables left at restaurants they like?  At The Catering Butcher, we suggest a fantastic alternative to trying to get a last minute […]

Catering Meat Suppliers: Pork

Catering Meat Suppliers Guide: Pork

26th January 2022

At The Catering Butcher, one of our many specialties is our finest cuts of pork. This is why have to decide to put the spotlight on the now famous meat for this edition of the catering meat suppliers guide.  Being an experienced wholesale butchers from Staffordshire, we have quite the plethora of knowledge when it comes […]

A perfect example of catering meat supplies

Your Trusted Catering Meat Supplier for 2022 and Beyond

13th January 2022

With Christmas being what seems like a lifetime ago; your stomach full of steak, chicken, pork or whichever other meat you unashamedly binged during the festive season should finally be wearing off. Because of this, you might be starting to redevelop cravings for the finest cuts of beef and other premium meat products.  Luckily, at […]

Christmas Turkey

Preparing For Christmas

10th December 2021

While many are out and about hustling and bustling looking for the best Christmas presents for the whole family, there is always the one person in the family who is completely consumed by finding the perfect meat for the Christmas dinner. Choosing Your Meat Long gone are the days of Turkey being the only meat […]


Why We Are Proud To Be Accredited, Meat Suppliers

12th November 2021

Many people have heard of supermarket meats being red tractor certified. Did you know that as butchers we have to go through an intensive process to ensure that we are accredited for our meat sales too? SALSA SALSA, or Safe and Local Supplier Approval, is one of the leading certifications for food safety for smaller […]

Online Shop From The Catering Butcher

Have You Visited Our Shop?

6th October 2021

While we are well-known for being catering meat suppliers across the Midlands, we also have a local butchers shop nestled away in Stoke-on-Trent’s Fenton. So have you called in recently to get the freshest meats around? A Cut Above There is nothing better than walking into your local butchers, being greeted with a friendly face […]


Cuts Of Beef

21st September 2021

Across the world, beef is used in many different ways and in many different dishes. But in order to get the right flavour for the dish, you need to be using the right cut of beef. But how do you know which is the right cut if you don’t know all the cuts that are […]


Preparing For Your Meal Prep

6th September 2021

We hear that more and more of our customers are starting to look at preparing their lunches for either the day ahead, the next few days, or even the working week ahead. So how can we help you to prepare for your meal prep? Slimming Meats Meal prep is becoming more common in those that […]


Summer Holiday BBQ

22nd August 2021

With the kids on their summer holidays, there is a lot of pressure on families to keep them as entertained as possible. So why not devote a who day to getting them geared up for the biggest BBQ of the year? With a little help from The Catering Butchers of course! Spend The Morning Spend […]


Increase Your Menu With New Flavours

7th August 2021

The flavours of your food are what keeps your customers coming back time and time again. You can have the nicest staff, the most scenic gardens. But if you have a bland menu, there’s only so many times that they will be joining you for food. Enhance Your Business Here in the UK, national statistics […]

Catering Butcher new unit

Making Your Deliveries Easier

23rd July 2021

Here at The Catering Butchers, we are specialist wholesale butchers. Catering to much of the midlands and surrounding areas including Birmingham, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent and Cheshire. If you are in the hospitality industry, we know how important it is to have fresh meat delivered on a schedule to suit you. That’s why our team works hard […]


National BBQ Week 2021

9th July 2021

In 2021 we are celebrating the 25th National BBQ Week with not one, but two whole weeks of great BBQ food! Known for being a staple way of cooking across the pond in the USA, here in the UK we certainly embrace BBQ food as soon as the sun comes out, so what better time […]


Hospitality Industry? Get In Touch!

24th June 2021

With the hospitality industry back in full swing, you might be looking at how the tastes of your customers have changed and how food trends have come on since we were last allowed to fully open. If you’re finding that there are meals on your menu that aren’t getting chosen, and you would like to […]


Supplying Meat Near You

14th June 2021

Now that the hospitality is back open, almost to full swing, you might be considering a change in meat suppliers near you. That’s where the team here at The Catering Butchers can help you. From small weekly orders to same-day delivery for that all-important meat dish, we are here for you. The Catering Butchers The […]


Adding Cheese To Your Meats

4th June 2021

It’s National Cheese Day here in the UK (4th June 2021) so what a great time to look at how adding cheese to your meaty dishes can give you a taste sensation! Where Do We Already See Meat And Cheese? We see meaty dishes, with cheese accompaniments on an almost daily basis, however, how often […]


British Sandwich Week 2021

16th May 2021

A week that we can certainly get our teeth into – British Sandwich Week 16th – 22nd May 2021. This week was introduced to celebrate one of the most loved culinary inventions here in Britain. The sandwich. Why We Love Sandwiches Sandwiches are one of the most versatile meals imaginable. From choosing your bread, whether […]


International No Diet Day

6th May 2021

While it might sound like we are telling you to ditch the diet for the day, in favour of all the bad food you can find, sadly that’s not quite the case. International No Diet Day, 6th May 2021, is here to help you move on from the fad, unsatisfying, diets, in favour of a […]