Roast Dinner

The Great British Roast Dinner

25th October 2022

We recently touched on why great British barbecues are so brilliant, and why it is a staple of British culture – indeed, there are few occasions as quintessentially British as the Great British Barbeque. Perhaps the only meal more stereotypically British is the famous roast dinner. 

But why is the plate so iconic? Why does it hold such a warm place in British hearts?

Perhaps it’s because it reminds people of families. Roast Dinners are typically enjoyed on Sundays with the family, after all. Or maybe it’s because the meal is so nutritional. The popular dinner contains all manner of meats as well as potatoes and vegetables. 

At The Catering Butcher, we supply many premium cuts of meat – many of which can be found on a traditional roast dinner. We are a highly regarded catering meat supplier from Staffordshire, and we pride ourselves on delivering you the best cuts possible. Because of our affiliation with meats on a roast dinner, we have decided to look at what makes a roast dinner so brilliant.  

A Selection of Meats

One of the brilliant features of a Sunday roast is that there can be many different types of meat on the plate. While meats such as beef, chicken, pork and even lamb are often on the dish, it is not unheard of to have seasonal variations. 

The seasonal variations can include duck, goose, gammon and (potentially the most famous of them all) turkey. If you are a meat lover, you simply have to have this plate as a weekly tradition. 

High in Protein

With so many different meats comes the inevitable injection of valuable proteins. High protein plates are particularly sought after. The meals usually taste fantastic and they have numerous health benefits. 

Meals which contain high levels of protein are particularly beneficial to individuals who wish to lose weight while not compromising on flavour. They can also be of particular benefit to people who are looking to gain muscle. 

Famous Taste

The flavour of a roast dinner is one of the most famous and instantly recognisable flavours out there. A roast dinner has many unique and interesting flavours. As previously alluded to, a roast dinner can contain a multitude of meats, and as such the plate carries with it a unique and diverse flavour pallet. If diversification is what you’re looking for, you can not go wrong with a roast dinner. 

Undeniably British

When it comes to meals associated with a country, are there any better examples than the strong connection between Britain and the roast dinner?  

The famous roast dinner can actually trace its origins all the way back to King Henry’s VII rule in 1485. It is commonly thought that beefeaters are named so because their diet was so beef-heavy or because they were initially paid in beef. While this theory has never been confirmed or disproven, it provides us with an indication as to why Britain has always had a keen interest in the roast dinner.

High-Quality Wholesale Butchers 

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