National Butchers Week at The Catering Butcher

National Butchers Week 2022 at The Catering Butcher

7th March 2022

From 7th-13th March 2022, the UK celebrates national butchers week. The national butchers week showcases the very best of local and chain butchers in the UK as well as highlights their dedicated and trusted meat suppliers. 

The Catering Butcher being a well renowned catering meat supplier in Staffordshire; we want to heap more praise onto our exceptional British butchers. 

So let’s take a look at why British butchers are amongst the best in the world for high quality meat produce. 

Incredible Range of Products

If you take a trip to just about any UK butchers; it is pretty much assured that they will have an offering that will cater to your specific needs. 

In this regard, UK butchers have a metaphorical leg up on the competition. From the different types of pork, to high class cuts of steak, to simplistic ham; butchers in England offer an unbeatable amount of diversity.

Locally Sourced Products

When it comes to locally sourced meats, it is pretty much assumed that your local butcher will have the clear advantage. 

Accompanying the fact that when you buy locally sourced products you are directly supporting your local community; it is often cited that locally produced meats are made with even more care and attention. This results in only the best quality products ensuring customer satisfaction whilst promoting a sense of authenticity. 

Animal Welfare

In the UK, auditing and quality assurance is at the forefront of most consumer purchase decisions. This rings especially true when it comes to the meat industry. 

Most meats in the UK are produced in accordance with world leading animal welfare standards in mind. Organisations such as the RSPCA underpin the incredible animal welfare standards in the UK. 

Through the aforementioned assure schemes; livestock are supplied with fantastic living space and an overall high quality living conditions. 

How Are You Celebrating National Butchers Week? 

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