The Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide

Your Ultimate Guide To Christmas Dinner

14th December 2022

Out of all the dinners we have during the year, the annual Christmas dinner is the best and without question, it is the meal we look forward to the most. If you’re hosting Christmas dinner at your home, you want it to look appetising but most importantly, you’ll want your guests to be satisfied with the food being served.

Meat is the centrepiece of the Christmas dinner. In recent years, we have seen an interesting shift in the choice of meat for the important festive meal. Turkey used to be the main meat for Christmas Day, however, that’s no longer the only option available. So if you have the honour of hosting Christmas dinner this year, this article is made for you. Let’s discuss the different meat choices we have to offer for the ultimate Christmas dinner!

Roast Turkey

Turkey is the most traditional meat choice for Christmas dinner. When you’re hosting a big family or big guest list, the best value meat you can put on the table is turkey. The length of cooking time depends on the size of the turkey, so feel free to ask one of our butchers for expert cooking advice. We understand every household has a fussy eater. Luckily, turkey offers a variety of meaty pieces such as breast or a leg to satisfy everyone.

Not only is it delicious served with your festive favourites such as potatoes, pigs in blankets, and vegetables but also as leftovers, turkey can be stored up to two days after cooking. The meat can be used in a turkey and ham pie, a casserole or a turkey sandwich for lunch.

Leg Of Lamb

A great turkey alternative is a roast leg of lamb. A whole turkey can take more time and effort to prepare such as cleaning out the cavity and stuffing it. Lamb might not be the most obvious choice and is more associated with springtime, but with some festive spices and flavours, it can make a delicious Christmas meal for non-turkey fans. A roast leg of lamb can be cooked with rosemary, cranberries or cloves for flavourful taste and aroma.


If you’re looking for something different but still delicious, a porchetta is an Italian dish of roast pork belly roll, pork loin, or a whole pig, with the rind (pig skin) attached. Generally, the recipe involves butterflying the pork, stuffing it with herbs and spices, rolling it, securing with butcher’s twine, and slow-roasting until it’s tender and the skin is golden brown.

Christmas Meats Available At The Catering Butcher

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Browse our meat options for festive feasts including our whole boneless turkey, porchetta rolls or our locally sourced leg of lamb and more. Our meat is safe to freeze and can be vacuum packed, just ask our butchers! 

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