Catering Meat Suppliers: Pork

Catering Meat Suppliers Guide: Pork

26th January 2022

At The Catering Butcher, one of our many specialties is our finest cuts of pork. This is why have to decide to put the spotlight on the now famous meat for this edition of the catering meat suppliers guide. 

Being an experienced wholesale butchers from Staffordshire, we have quite the plethora of knowledge when it comes to what constitutes a good piece of pork. With such a wide range of options available, we would like to take this opportunity to break down some of the key elements of what distinguishes the different types of pork whilst simultaneously highlighting some of our very best products. 


Going perfectly with your full English breakfast (or even feeling right at home being sprinkled over your afternoon ham sandwich) bacon is one of the most diverse cuts of pork there is. 

Whether you prefer yours crispy, with the fat cut off or you like it extra fatty, from back bacon to bacon collar, at The Catering Butcher we are sure we can fit your unique bacon requirements. 

Belly Pork

This boneless and fatty cut of pork is particularly popular in Asian countries such as China and Thailand. Belly pork is arguably best cooked slowly making the meat extremely tender and tasteful. 

We offer an incredible variety of belly pork including belly pork riddles, squares and even a whole cut version. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out the different belly pork cuts available from your friendly meat suppliers from Cheshire. 


Regularly filling your local supermarket shelves, Gammon is one of the UK’s favourite types of pork. From 4 – 32 ounces, from smoked to unsmoked, there seems to be no end to different types of Gammon we offer. 

Pork Loin 

The cut of the meat taken from the tissue located on the dorsal side of the rib cage, pork loin is another cut of pork that fills up supermarket shelves and local butchers alike. 

A little tip we have for this particular type of pork is to cook it fat side up on your frying pan. By having the pork loin fat side up, you are allowing the layer of fat to baste the meat as it cooks. In turn, this stops the pork from drying out which can sometimes be a complaint from even the most avid pork loin lovers. 


We started with a staple of the break full English breakfast and we will finish with one as well. 

Whilst sausages can have many variations, from the relatively new chili sausages to the traditional Cumberland selections, you can’t really go wrong with an original English plain sausage. 

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We hope you have enjoyed this edition of the catering meat suppliers guide. If you have any further questions regarding our many different types of pork, do not hesitate to contact us.

And always remember to check out our website for more updates on your friendly meat suppliers from Staffordshire and Cheshire.