The Summer Barbecue

The Great British Barbecue

30th June 2022

Is there a better time for a classic British barbecue than a wonderful sunny weekend? Beautifully sunny weekend is the perfect time to spend with loved ones and create special summer memories you will talk about for years to come. 

What better way to source your meat than from your local wholesale butcher. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality meat at great prices! So without further ado, let’s get down to setting up the perfect great British barbecue line up.

Banging Burgers

A barbecue would be lost without the staple of the humble beef burger. From grandchildren to family friends, you cannot go wrong with a perfectly grilled succulent beef burger to put a smile on everyone’s faces. So, char our signature blend beef burgers and top it off with all your favourites to create that authentic classical beef burger taste! 

Did you know; our burger is also gluten free to cater to all friends and family unique dietary requirements!

Classic Cuisine

Another staple for your Great British barbecue menu is plenty of sublime sausages. We here at The Catering Butcher pride ourselves on our wide variety of sausages. If you are planning on hosting a barbecue for your loved ones then there is no better time than to try all that we have to offer. From a classic Lincolnshire style sausage to our indulgent Welsh dragon sausage. Whatever you go for, there is no doubt they will be a crowd pleaser!

Cooking Up A Storm

Now here’s where it gets serious. You’ve got your staples down but now you’re looking to really impress. Here at The Catering Butcher, we proudly serve divine Chinese pork steaks which we are sure will be a barbecue favourite! These sumptuous steaks are tender, flavourful and juicy which can be beautifully accompanied by a summer salad and coleslaw. 

Kicking Back With Kebabs

Gloriously sunny weekends provide lots of precious time for you to spend with your loved ones. So why sacrifice any of your cherished time and let us cater to you. Our scrumptious prepared kebabs are the perfect choice to slap on the barbie so you can get back to having all that fun! Hand prepared with only the finest ingredients so you can give your loved ones a meal to remember with only minimal effort We won’t tell if you don’t!

The Crowd Pleaser

A great item to always have at your disposal is beautifully seasoned chicken fillets. These are beautifully paired with a simple salad, or a unique alternative to a beef burger. We offer maple BBQ for a sweet and smoky kick or if you are after some spice then opt for our hot and spicy chilli chicken! Plus, if you are keen to stick to a high protein diet then these are the perfect option. 

Enjoy your summer weekends with the help from your local catering butcher. Simply choose all your barbecue favourites and have them all delivered to your door. From catering meat on special occasions or just for the everyday. Here at The Catering Butcher we pride ourselves on catering great quality meat. So why not either browse our site for a delivery or come visit your local wholesale butcher!