Monthly Archives: January 2021

Yorkshire Pudding Day 

Since 2007, the first Sunday in February has been marked as Yorkshire Pudding Day, a day set aside to celebrate the beauty of the humble Yorkshire pudding! This year’s Yorkshire Pudding Day falls on Sunday 7th February, and we’re ready to help you celebrate! The origins of the Yorkshire pudding  The recipe for the Yorkshire […]

Go Lean For New Year

Every year we see an abundance of “new year new me” resolutions. With many of these including some form of weight loss. While this might not be the case for everyone, it doesn’t hurt to add some lean meats to your weekly shop. What is lean meat? Lean meat can include most varieties of meat, […]

National Lockdown 3.0 – We’re Here For You

In the UK we have found ourselves back into a national lockdown. Here at The Catering Butchers, we know this impacts not only our hospitality customers, but also our retail customers too. Following advice As we are all aware, the advice encourages us to stay at home, and only shop for the essentials. With many […]

New Year, New Menu

With many restaurants, cafes and eateries being closed periodically throughout 2020, and the start of 2021 still at risk of the same treatment, why not consider a whole menu refurb. Give your customers, both loyal and new, a treat this new year with some big menu changes. Our menu planning service Here at The Catering […]