Go Lean For New Year

15th January 2021

Every year we see an abundance of “new year new me” resolutions. With many of these including some form of weight loss. While this might not be the case for everyone, it doesn’t hurt to add some lean meats to your weekly shop.

What is lean meat?

Lean meat can include most varieties of meat, it just depends on the fat content in the meat. For example, to turn a chicken breast into lean meat you would need to remove the skin, as the skin contains up to 80% of its fat content. Similarly, by not eating or removing the fat from a pork chop, you reduce its fat content by around 70%. So by taking your usual meats, and removing the visible and known fats, you can create lean meats.

Why eat lean meat?

The removal of fats from your meat can help to reduce a number of risk factors to your health. From reducing your cholesterol, helping to reduce weight gain and increasing the number of vitamins your body can absorb.
While there is an abundance of information available online to see how lean meats can benefit you, nothing is more personalised for your health than a conversation with your own GP to see how it can help to improve your personal health.

Looking for weight loss?

After a year of being in and out of lockdown, reduced chances for exercise, and increased time sat on the sofa, you might be finding yourself feeling a little more bloated than usual. We’ve all seen that many diets give us great vegetarian meals, but where’s the meat! Us butchers can’t be the only ones who love a good meaty dish!
Even while looking to reduce your weight, a healthy portion of meat at least once a day can help to ensure that your body is taking in all the nourishment it needs to keep you healthy. Moving to lean meat can have a big impact on your weight loss. Not only will you be removing that additional fat, which provides you with no nutrients, it also means that for the same weight portion you will be receiving a good amount of protein and vitamins.
Pairing your lean meats with healthy sides makes for both a great tasting meal, and a healthy way to shift some stubborn weight!

Not for you?

Lean meats aren’t for everyone! Some of us love nothing more than that extra bit of fat on our steak, or the added flavour from the fat on our bacon. So don’t think we’ll be getting rid of fat! You’ll still be able to pick up all the same cuts that we’ve always offered. We just encourage you to eat it in moderation.

If you have any questions regarding our cuts, or the fat on each meat, please feel free to get in touch or ask a member of our team when you visit us in store. If you are struggling to remove your fat at home, please speak to our team to see how we can help you. Head over to our online store to see how our free delivery service can help get your supplies delivered straight to the door.