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Meat Suppliers and Wholesalers for Easter Menus

8th April 2019

With Easter happening this month, pubs, restaurants, hotels and cafes will be preparing their menus with tasty dishes to tempt diners to their venue. Ensuring that they get the highest quality meat and poultry ingredients is the job of Staffordshire based meat suppliers, The Catering Butcher.

According to the Office for National Statistics, figures released in November 2018 showed that during 2016-17 UK households spent 3.4% of their annual income on dining out in restaurants and cafes. Some of this is related to special events, and holidays, with most meals out being considered a treat or as part of a celebration.

With most people enjoying a long weekend to celebrate Easter, food will be at the heart of a get together with family and friends. The Catering Butcher is highly experienced at working with the hospitality sector to make sure that your customers get outstanding value for their 3.4% annual income spend. How do we do this?

Top Quality Meat Suppliers for Easter Dining

We are trusted meat suppliers to over 300 venues in the hospitality and events sector. This loyal customer base across the Midlands and the Northwest benefits from four generations experience as butchers and outstanding produce. Our highly skilled team are practised in traditional and continental butchery techniques. Orders can be tailored and prepared by us to save time in your kitchen.

Meat Suppliers Delivering Six Days a Week

In a fast paced world, The Catering Butcher is here with a speedy delivery service six days a week. If we receive your order before 7am, we will get your produce to you the same day. Refrigerated vans ensure your order remains temperature controlled all the way to your kitchen, and there’s no minimum order either.

For further information about any of our products and meat suppliers’ services, please contact us today.