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Your Meat Suppliers in Manchester

11th April 2017

When you run a Manchester-based catering or hospitality business such as a hotel, restaurant, or club, you want to make sure you choose the very best meat suppliers in Manchester. Established in 1926, we at The Catering Butcher have a wealth of experience in providing the finest meat supplies. Further to this, we have expanded our services to include the provision of the very best meat suppliers service in Manchester.

meat suppliers in manchester

Your Menu Could Benefit from Our Meat Suppliers in Manchester

When you choose us as your meat suppliers in Manchester, you are making a brilliant choice for your business. We are the number one wholesale and catering meat supplier in the Midlands, and our service is second to none.
Currently, we supply quality catering meat suppliers to over 300 venues. Our service has proven exceptionally popular in part due to our incredibly efficient delivery system. We operate a fleet of chilled delivery vehicles, who are out on the road 6 days a week.
Furthermore, when you choose us as your meat suppliers in Manchester, if you order by 7am we can deliver your supplies to your door the same day. Additionally, if you forget something off your order, do not worry. We will do everything in our power to get your forgotten items to you that same day – usually before dinner service.
There’s a broad range of products on offer here at The Catering Butcher, which includes:
• Steer and heifer quality assured beef. We mainly supply Hereford and Aberdeen Angus for superior quality and flavour
Lamb which is largely sourced in Staffordshire and Shropshire
Sausages and burgers
Cheese and eggs
Cooked meats and bakery items are available for your convenience

Contact the Number One Meat Suppliers in Manchester

To order from the best meat suppliers in Manchester, or to discuss your needs, please don’t hesitate to call us.