Delicious Fillings for British Sandwich Week

20th May 2019

The sandwich, the sarnie, or the butty. Just a few of the words used to describe a staple of our food culture here in the UK. Their importance cannot be underestimated and British Sandwich Week puts our favourite filled baps and slices of bread firmly in the spotlight with a seven day celebration. After all, millions of sandwiches are consumed every day on lunch breaks, picnics, or as a meal in their own right every day.

For Lunchtimes, Bar Meals, and Light Bites this British Sandwich Week

We believe that a sandwich shouldn’t just be consigned to “lunch on the go”. With a vast choice of meats, poultry and accompaniments, the humble sandwich can be transformed into something magnificent! From succulent steak to mouth watering pulled pork, cheeses, and of course, the classic BLT. The Catering Butcher is here to supply you with the highest quality products to make British Sandwich Week special for your customers. Whether you are combining British Sandwich Week with Barbecue Month; shops, pubs, restaurants and commercial caterers across the Midlands and the North West of England can count on us to deliver the goods! In fact, we do this six days a week so that you never run short for your sandwich menu.

Order Cooked Meats and More for British Sandwich Week

British Sandwich Week wouldn’t be possible without an array of cooked meats and The Catering Butcher has a big choice of international delicacies from chorizo, bratwurst, and pepperoni to favourites like ham and turkey.

We can assist you with menu planning so that you get exactly the right types of meats for your meals. We deliver in refrigerated and temperature controlled vans to ensure your ingredients reach you fresh and ready for preparing. To assist busy kitchens we can portion and vacuum seal your order to save you time.

Place your order for British Sandwich Week fillings today!