British Sandwich Week 2021

16th May 2021

A week that we can certainly get our teeth into – British Sandwich Week 16th – 22nd May 2021. This week was introduced to celebrate one of the most loved culinary inventions here in Britain. The sandwich.

Why We Love Sandwiches

Sandwiches are one of the most versatile meals imaginable. From choosing your bread, whether that’s a thick crusty white loaf, seeded brown, gluten-free or even a brioche roll, there are so many choices to start your sandwich. Then you can move on to the spread – no spread, butter or sauce debate, with many people still opting for the classic butter on their sandwiches, we know there is a following for low calorie spreads, sauce instead of spread, or even the dry bread!

Here’s where the debate gets a little more interesting, your filling. Everyone has their own favourite sandwich filler, so what tickles your fancy?


A true British favourite when it comes to meat is beef. Whether it’s on our Sunday dinner or in the form of a steak. It’s also a firm favourite when it comes to our butties. Here at The Catering Butchers, we offer a range of sliced beef, perfect for those lunchtime sandwiches. Or make the most of a larger joint for your Sunday roast and enjoy it for your Monday munchies.


A true children’s favourite (it never really leaves us) is good old ham! Thick ham, think ham, smoked ham, and even good chunky cuts of pork. They all make for some great sandwich fillers.
For something a little different, use your leftover pork from your Sunday lunch, shred it up, and mix it with BBQ sauce for a lovely pulled pork sandwich.


Plain chicken, chicken and sweetcorn, chicken and stuffing, chicken and bacon, chicken with everything! Chicken is such a good meat to combine with any number of other fillings. Meaning you can enjoy a chicken sandwich every day and not get bored with the combinations!

Breakfast Sandwiches

Sandwiches aren’t just for lunch! There are a number of great fillings to treat yourself at breakfast time too. How about a big butty, filled with your favourite sausages, bacon and eggs? Mix and match your fillings with a range of sauces for a different taste sensation every time.

Here at The Catering Butchers, we have a selection of pre-cut sandwich meat available every day. So whether you have your favourite in mind, or want to call in to see what takes your fancy, we’ve got you covered. Check out our blogs for more information and updates, or get in touch to see what offers we have on today.