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As catering meat suppliers in Staffordshire, we ask: which meat goes best in a roast dinner?

27th July 2015

What’s the meaning of life? Is there a God? What does the future hold? Life’s big questions – but none are as big as this one: which meat do you favour on your roast dinner? As leading catering meat suppliers in Staffordshire, we’re intrigued as to the answer – is there a general consensus or will this question cause households to be split down the middle? Will it lead couples to spend their Sunday afternoon bickering over a succulent chicken breast and a juicy beef joint? Being catering meat suppliers to restaurants, hotels, pubs and other hospitality companies throughout Staffordshire, we see a huge variety in the way roast dinners are prepared. From hearty, overloaded plates to creative presentation, a plate of meat, veg, gravy and the trimmings is always a crowd-pleaser on a Sunday afternoon.

The question is – which meat is the ultimate focal point of a roast dinner? The choices themselves are interesting; as catering meat suppliers we might include cuts of meat you would never think of, or possibly have never tried before. The general go-to is roast chicken or beef, thought to be easy to cook and reasonably priced – but our expert butchers know there can be more to a roast than that. Gammon, lamb and pork are often thought too difficult to cook, and of course turkey appears on our Christmas dinners and is nowhere to be seen for the next 11 months. So is this because chicken and beef taste better, or because we’re stuck in the repetitive habit of sticking to the same meals, week-in week-out?

Our butchers want to know the verdict – we love roast dinners, and as the leading catering meat suppliers of Staffordshire, we want to know how you like your roasts. Are you the traditional type, or do you go for something weird and wonderful?

Let us know what you think, and share any winning recipes for us all to enjoy! If you’re looking for catering meat suppliers in Staffordshire, take a look at our range of products and get in touch for more information. You won’t find a catering meat supplier with better quality and choice in the entire Staffordshire area.