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Your Trusted Catering Meat Supplier for 2022 and Beyond

13th January 2022

With Christmas being what seems like a lifetime ago; your stomach full of steak, chicken, pork or whichever other meat you unashamedly binged during the festive season should finally be wearing off. Because of this, you might be starting to redevelop cravings for the finest cuts of beef and other premium meat products. 

Luckily, at The Catering Butcher we have a vast selection of high-quality meats available at your fingertips, or to be more specific, available on lightning-quick delivery 6 days a week.

What is staying the same in 2022?

With recent times being rather challenging and unfamiliar, meat enthusiasts such as ourselves are longing to re-establish a sense of tradition. Afterall, just because an event or product has been around for many years, does not necessarily make it of any less quality. 

You might be pleased to hear that The Catering Butcher will be continuing to partake in our Stoke market stall. This makes us the longest serving stall holder, a fact we are very proud of. Even in 2022, the stall is a fantastic way to establish, or re–establish, relationships with newcomers and veterans of the meat wholesale industry. 

You might also be pleased to hear that amongst many features that are staying the same, our exceptional level of customer service will remain unchanged. 

New Year, New Menu

Your new year’s resolution might not involve expanding your meat tasting pallet, however, with our industry-exclusive menu writing service, you can do just that. Using our menu planning service; you can get personal recommendations from our team of seasoned experts as well as having the ability to tailor meat cuts to suit your precise and personal needs. So do not hesitate to contact us and try out this unique service today.

Why not try something different from our extensive range in the new year? At The Catering Butcher, we enjoy offering something a little different, especially compared to other meat wholesalers from Stoke. Whilst we offer staples of the meat wholesale industry such as 60 day aged Sirloin steak or Lincolnshire thick sausages, we also offer a selection of sundries, cheese & eggs and bakery items. 

For more news and updates regarding the meat wholesale industry and butcher catering in Staffordshire and across the Midlands be sure to keep up-to-date with our website. Also, be sure to check out our service page so you can stay informed with all new products and services we will be offering in 2022 and beyond!