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Our Wholesale Butchers Deliver Food Experiences

15th October 2018

Our wholesale butchers love conjuring up new bespoke recipes for our customers. How many times have you sat down for a meal at a restaurant, hotel or event and somebody at the table has thought?

“Oh, I’ve never tried that before…”

Food can bring out a whole new side of people. Food enthusiasts and socialites love trying new foods and experiences with food. Whether it’s part of a special menu or a classic of your establishment. A new or unique menu item can be what sets you out from your competitors.

Wholesale Butchers Throughout the UK

The team behind The Catering Butcher are highly experienced and fully trained in both conventional and international forms of butchery, and we love to experiment with new and exciting recipes. Whether we’re creating new sausage, burger or chicken blends, to name a few. Our customers receive the highest quality and freshest meat.

The catering market is fast-paced and therefore so is our service. To keep up with the demands of our customers and your customers. We offer next day delivery and on orders placed before 6 am we deliver the same day. To keep your order fresh and holding all its signature taste, your delivery will arrive in refrigerated controlled vans.

Our specialist wholesale butchers provide a variety of cuts as well as portion control to manage your specific requirements and specifications. Here at the Catering Butcher, we stock all types of meat and cuts including beef, lamb, pork, poultry (turkey, chicken, duck, quail) game, veal and cooked meats.

Speak to Our Wholesale Butchers

Thanks to our years of experience and work across the UK. We’ve helped clients with a variety of backgrounds and customers. As a result, we provide comprehensive, coherent and competitive advice to ensure you get the most out of us and our service. If you would like a quote, please get in touch with one of our expert butchers.

Our wholesale butchers service is available across the North West and areas of the Midlands including but not exclusive to Staffordshire, Manchester, Cheshire, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

We specialise in supplying specifically to the hospitality industry and have become distinguished for our forward-thinking approach to wholesale butchery.