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Wholesale Butchers in Birmingham for Over 300 Establishments

15th July 2018

In 1926, H.H. Jackson was an established farmer and enjoyed many successes as a local butcher. Six decades and four generations of experience later, The Catering Butcher has gone from a local butcher in Staffordshire to wholesale butchers in Birmingham and the North of the UK. Today, we’ve built a portfolio of over 300 happy customers from a variety of backgrounds including Premier League football clubs, Midlands Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants and so much more. Our freshly sourced meat is available for same and next day delivery ensuring all that great flavour is trapped within the meat.

Wholesale Butchers in Birmingham Menu Planning, Portion Control and Refrigerated Deliveries

Here at The Catering Butcher, our traditional and continental trained butchers are the complete wholesale butchers in Birmingham. Our service is designed around our customer’s requests and requirements. We’ll help you plan your menu, showcasing our full list of meats and variations, additionally, if there is something you require that isn’t on our menu, we’re happy to provide bespoke creations. In the past customers have requested burger, chicken and sausages recipes, that are now a permanent feature on our product list.

Furthermore, to our menu planning, once an order is placed we’ll pack and deliver your meat to your location either on the same day or the next day. All our delivery vans are re-refrigerated to the optimum temperature for transit. As wholesale butchers in Birmingham, your delivery arrives on time, fresh and in portioned packaging, ensuring the none of the great flavours has escaped your margins remain positive.

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For more information about our wholesale butchers in Birmingham, get in touch with a member of the Catering Butcher team. The Catering Butcher tailors to our customer’s exact requirements and no job is too big for us. In addition, we work with you to fully understand your business and ensure you get everything you need to create the perfect dining experience.