Summer Holiday BBQ

22nd August 2021

With the kids on their summer holidays, there is a lot of pressure on families to keep them as entertained as possible. So why not devote a who day to getting them geared up for the biggest BBQ of the year? With a little help from The Catering Butchers of course!

Spend The Morning

Spend the morning letting the kids decide what’s going to be on the menu. Make sure they are thinking about every member of the family while they are doing this! We aren’t too sure that grandma will want to be tucking into a double cheeseburger with extra ketchup!
Get the crayons and coloured paper out, open up our online store, and let their imagination run wild.
You’ll have pictures of burgers covered in cheese and sauce, hotdogs with “yellow and red” sauces and hopefully some kids who are ready to get helping out!

Call In-Store

Armed with your BBQ menu, call into our retail store to find all the best deals of the day. Whether you opt for a BBQ pack, loaded with all the kid’s favourites, with some hidden surprises they might want to try later, or you mix and match what you see on the day. Remember to bring the kids along too! They’re part of the process now!
Head over to our meat counter and see if anything else takes their fancy that’s not already on the menu (it’s okay they can add to it later). Remember, what’s not used at the BBQ today can feed the family for the next few days. As all our meat is as fresh as possible, it can happily sit in the fridge, or even be frozen, ready for when you are ready to use it.
Don’t leave without picking up the essentials too! We typically ensure that we keep in an ample amount of burger and hotdog buns to make this your one-stop-shop for a meaty BBQ. (sorry we can’t help with drinks unless you want milk that is!).
Why not pick up a few of our steak night sauces too? They make great BBQ toppers for your steak, ribs and even burgers! Or even some of our meat marinades to add a bit of spice to your BBQ (careful which spice the kids get their hands on though, hot and spicy might blow their minds!).

Getting Prepared

While the kids probably aren’t the best suggestion to help get your BBQ lit, you can keep them occupied by adding to their menus all the new items that you picked up when you came to visit us. And maybe even duplicate the menu so everyone in the family can have a good look at what you’ll be preparing!
You can even get them setting out the extras, a plate of burger buns, a tray of hot dog rolls, and even the sauces scattered around the table.

By the time your guests arrive, the kids will feel like they’ve been a huge part in getting ready for the BBQ, and now it’s time to leave you to the cooking and get to grips with racing around the garden between everyone.
If life is a little too hectic to call into the store to collect your BBQ meat, we do offer a delivery service. For accurate delivery times and estimates, or to check stock in our retail store, please get in touch with the team.