Hot Dog Day

Celebrate Sausages on Hot Dog Day

2nd July 2019

Hot Dog Day on July 17th is an international celebration of a barbecue staple. The sizzle and aroma of sausages is a favourite at any summer event, and with good reason. Hot dogs tend to be associated with the Franfurter, and tasty though they are, the world of sausages and their history is diverse and rich with cultural significance.

Originally intended as a means of preserving meat before the invention of refrigerators, it was in ancient Mesopotamia about 5,000 years ago that sausages were known to have been made. This region followed the rivers Tigris and the Euphrates through what is now known as modern Turkey, Iraq and Kuwait.

Since then just about every country and region within it has developed its own version of sausage, from the ancient Chinese to the Romans. Spain has Chorizo, Germany has the Bratwurst and the Frankfurter, Italy produces Mortadella, and Poland enjoys Kielbasa. The flavours and heat of each type of sausage being influenced by the type of meat used and which spices are available.

Here in the UK there’s more to the British “banger” than you might think. The word sausage comes from the Middle English sausige, which came from sal, Latin for salt. Different counties have their own version; think Cumberland and Lincolnshire for example. Nowadays sausage making is a fine art of chopped and ground meat combined with fat, salt, seasonings, and preservatives. Many family recipes or regional recipes are kept a closely guarded secret!

Supplying Food and Hospitality Venues for Hot Dog Day

If you are honouring Hot Dog Day this month at your pub, restaurant or hospitality venue. The Catering Butcher has an outstanding choice of sausages, from favourites like the Frankfurter to more specialist flavours like wild boar and apple. We are a commercial butcher with a heritage stretching back to 1926. Whether you choose to fry, grill or barbecue your sausages this Hot Dog Day, you can count the best quality produce to delight your customers.

Wholesale Butchers for Hot Dog Day

Hot Dog Day is just one of many specialist celebrations in the food calendar and being wholesale butchers we understand what it takes to create and cook for all types of events. Therefore, we can tailor and portion orders to suit your requirements and help make operations in your commercial kitchen run smoothly and on budget. Deliveries are actioned six days a week with same day delivery available if you order before 7am. How can we assist you? Please contact us today.