Preparing For Your Meal Prep

6th September 2021

We hear that more and more of our customers are starting to look at preparing their lunches for either the day ahead, the next few days, or even the working week ahead. So how can we help you to prepare for your meal prep?

Slimming Meats

Meal prep is becoming more common in those that are looking at eating healthier. This means that you will be wanting to invest in lean cuts of meat, or at least meats that have a high protein content in comparison to the fat content.
Before anything else, our team includes a number of fully trained butchers If you are looking for the best cuts of meat, or to have the fat trimmed from your selection, you can request this in our retail store.
You can also discuss with the team the best meats for your specific needs. Eating healthier doesn’t always mean favouring white meat over red meat, so ask if you are unsure.
Our preprepared traybakes are also a great way to meal prep as you can pop them in the oven, then come back and portion them out when they are cooked. Simple with little fuss.

Saving Time

A big part of meal prep is saving time during the week. However, it can be time-consuming when you are preparing for several days at once. This is why we have a selection of meats available on our online store pre-diced and ready to be cooked. We know that the dicing of meat is usually just as time-consuming as the cooking itself, so we hope that this can save you some time. If you are looking for something in particular, please speak to the butchers in our retail store who may be able to work something out with you.

The Whole Hog

Remember, meal prep isn’t only if you are trying to lose weight. You can take part in meal prep no matter what your diet. It simply helps to ensure that you are eating good quality lunches, without having to spend ages during the week preparing for them individually.
Things like pies are also considered to be meal prep, so whether you opt for one of our pre-packaged wrights’ pies, or you decide to make your own pies for lunch, head over to our Pie Night page on the online store for the latest offerings.

No matter your requirements for your meal prep, our team are on hand to ensure that your meaty and protein needs are met. So make sure to speak to our friendly team today who will be happy to get you meat ready for the week ahead!