Christmas Turkey

Preparing For Christmas

10th December 2021

While many are out and about hustling and bustling looking for the best Christmas presents for the whole family, there is always the one person in the family who is completely consumed by finding the perfect meat for the Christmas dinner.

Choosing Your Meat

Long gone are the days of Turkey being the only meat on the menu. While this big bird is still a much-loved favourite, it’s not everyone’s go-to choice for the table.
In recent years, we have seen an increase in people opting for a hearty sized gammon as the centrepiece of their Christmas feast. And some homes are even looking towards a nice sirloin of beef when there is fewer of them at the table. So which is your choice?

Traditional Turkey

When you are looking to feed a big family this Christmas the biggest and best meat you can put on the table is a turkey. This big bird gives you more bang for your buck than a selection of other meats.
Turkey is simple meat to cook, but if you are ever unsure, you can always ask our experts in-store on the best cooking method for your size turkey. It is also a great meat to go with any style of Christmas dinner. We know there is a fussy one in every family who will only eat their Christmas dinner with select potatoes and veg, but turkey nicely complements them all.

Garish Gammon

A number of years ago, there appeared to be a big uphaul where many families started looking at gammon for their Christmas dinner, instead of turkey. Typically gammon is available in much smaller quantities than a whole turkey, meaning that if you have a smaller family to feed, and don’t fancy having turkey for the following few weeks, gammon surely is the way to go!
While slightly stronger in taste than your average Christmas dinner, gammon equally sits as well with all the trimmings, even the pigs in blankets!

Brilliant Beef

Beef is one of the countries most loved meats, making it a prime contender for the Christmas day slot! Not only can you swap the turkey out and keep the same trimmings, opting for a nice juicy sirloin of beef means that you can have a smaller cut of meat, with a nice full flavour!

Curious Chicken

Chicken, the meat of the millennial! Younger families and couples are opting for the much smaller and tastier bird this Christmas. Not only is it an easy meat to cook, but it also suits a smaller oven, such as many of the ovens in new build homes. It’s also close enough to turkey that most people don’t see the point in splashing out for a fancy bird!

The choice is yours! But if you do need more advice, our team are here to help. So if you are looking for meat suppliers in Cheshire, get in touch today! We will be happy to help!