Our Factory Shop is Now Open!

11th December 2020

Our factory shop is now open to the public, and with Christmas just around the corner, if you’re thinking of stocking up on tasty, festive produce, why not pop in and see us!
We carry a wide selection of fresh produce, from meat and dairy products to sundries and bakery favourites, so you’re sure to find treats that will please the whole family this Christmas!

Quality meats

We source only the best flavoured, highest quality meat available, our meat is quality assured, specially selected, and sourced from farms within the UK and Ireland where possible. Our factory shop boasts a selection of pork, lamb, poultry, game and veal, perfect for your Sunday dinner, or for creating delicious home made pies and stews.
We also stock a range of cooked meats, sausages and burgers, so you’ll find something for your BBQ or packed lunch in our factory shop too!


We stock a wide selection of fresh dairy produce, from free-range eggs and cream, to an extensive range of cheeses. Whether you’re looking for a traditional cheddar cheese, or something a little more adventurous, think Wensleydale and apricot, we’ve got you covered!


Our factory shop boasts a range of sundries, to help make your meals perfect! From high-quality olive oil, to sauces and condiments, we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from.


We stock a range of baked goods, from scotch eggs and sausage rolls to pies and quiches. Our meat pies include game, meat and potato, steak and kidney, minced steak and onion, steak, and turkey and cranberry, while we also stock a selection of Wright’s bakery goods too!
Come and visit our factory shop at 216 Sutherland Road, ST3 1JB!
Please note that the selection of fresh produce available at our factory shop varies from day-to-day.