National Sandwich Day 2020

3rd November 2020

National Sandwich Day 2020, also known as the 3rd November 2020.
Now, this is definitely a national awareness day that we can sink our teeth into. From the softest of fresh bread, to the meatiest of fillings you have our mouths watering!

Have your fill

Sandwich fillings are a truly unique choice. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to how we build our sandwiches, and it all starts with which filling you’ll be tucking into. As we’re butchers, you can guess it, our top choices are all meaty!
The top choice sandwich is always leftover Sunday roast meats. No matter what the meat, throw it on a sandwich, pop a bit of your favourite sauce on (don’t be scared to use cranberry, apple or even mint sauce) and you’ll be diving right into a mouthwatering, taste explosion! However, that only works when you have leftover meat! Some of us nibble away until there’s not enough for even half a sandwich, so we’ll have to settle for something a little different.
Here at The Catering Butcher’s, we offer a hearty selection of pre-sliced cooked meats. No matter what your taste buds are fancying this week, call in-store and you can bet we’ve got it in. From top-side beef, sliced pork and sliced turkey breast. Pair your favourites together for a combined taste!
If you’re thinking of a breakfast sandwich, we vote you load up that sandwich with everything you can! Hearty sausages, thick bacon, a couple of fried eggs, and just for good measure, some slices of black pudding. A big breakfast, right there in your sandwich. Perfect.

So which bread?

Just like the fillings, we all have different choices when it comes to our bread. Thick crusty breads are always a popular choice in our factory shop. We know we certainly love the smell of a good fresh loaf!
The softer the bread the better! How many of us really eat bread that has started going a little stale? You’ll find the answer is; not many of us!
What about a bread roll, a cob, a bap or even a barn cake? We all might call it something different, but we know they make for a great lunchtime butty! Pop that freshly sliced meat on, with a hearty spread of butter and you’ll be set for the rest of the day!
But what about Stokies? While oatcakes might not necessarily be a sandwich, we still think they should be included onĀ  national sandwich day, after all, they’re a local stable. Top it up with all your favourites, with a sprinkle of cheese too!

We will definitely be joining in with this day, we hope you are too! For all your fresh sandwich fillings, head into our factory shop today to pick up your fresh meat. Want to check we’ve got your favourite in right now? Get in touch!