National BBQ Week 2021

9th July 2021

In 2021 we are celebrating the 25th National BBQ Week with not one, but two whole weeks of great BBQ food! Known for being a staple way of cooking across the pond in the USA, here in the UK we certainly embrace BBQ food as soon as the sun comes out, so what better time than now, while the sun is shining!

The Great BBQ Debate

When it comes to buying a new BBQ, or indeed your first BBQ, many people are faced with the choice of good old fashioned coals or the newer, somewhat easier option of going gas. If there were a right or wrong answer, the other option wouldn’t be so readily available. The decision should fall down to how you like to cook your food.
Much of the nation loves the classic charcoal BBQ because that’s how they know BBQ food. When cooking with charcoal, remember you cant turn the heat up and down, so leaving sections of your BBQ with fewer coals can help you to cook at differing rates. However, if you want the ability to be able to change the temperature to suit what you’re cooking, a gas grill certainly makes this easier.
Our team is very much divided by the ease of gas, but the smokey tastes of charcoal. So how can you decide? Be Cheeky. Visit friends and family who have different BBQs and see which you prefer! We know it’s naughty, but if it’s your first BBQ you want to get the perfect one for you! Plus you get some great company and great food along the way.

BBQ Food From The Catering Butchers

Here at The Catering Butchers BBQ week is one of our favourites! What better way to enjoy the beaming sunshine with several days of meaty goodness, all cooked outdoors on your very own BBQ.
Are you interested in the standard BBQ food of burgers and sausages? Of course, you are! Who doesn’t love a good burger, after all, it always tastes better from the BBQ. Our 6oz beef burgers are perfect for the BBQ, double them up for those with hearty appetites!
No BBQ would be complete without some kebabs! From beef Kofta kebabs to chicken and veg kebabs our succulent ready to go kebabs can be thrown straight on the BBQ! Or why not build your own with our glazed chicken fillets!
If you’re going all out, we highly recommend taking a look at our BBQ pack, complete with all the meat you need, including burgers, sausages, glazed chicken, kebabs, spare ribs and even Chinese pork steaks. Is your mouth watering yet?
Take a look at the complete BBQ collection on our online shop, or head into our retail shop if you’re ready to get your BBQ underway!

For more information on any of our products, please get in touch with our team of expert butchers today who will be happy to assist you. If you are in hospitality and would like to add a BBQ spin on your menu, we would love to hear from you and can discuss our menu planning service.