International No Diet Day

6th May 2021

While it might sound like we are telling you to ditch the diet for the day, in favour of all the bad food you can find, sadly that’s not quite the case. International No Diet Day, 6th May 2021, is here to help you move on from the fad, unsatisfying, diets, in favour of a lifestyle change.

What Is International No Diet Day?

International No Diet Day came to light in 1992 as a day for us to stop fad diets forever and consider eating better overall. The day aims to promote body positivity and healthy eating, no matter of one’s size or shape. No Diet Day wants to help you to realise that diets are not always long term solutions, so why not make a move to better lifestyle choices, and promote body positivity, no matter how you look, rather than chasing the “norms” we see in magazines or on the TV.

Better Choices

We increasingly see information that vegetarian or vegan diets are considered to be a “healthy lifestyle choice”. While this is great for some, we also believe that it’s not for everyone, and for many, removing the good, high-quality fats and proteins that you find in most meats can actually see you feeling a little under the weather. Rather than cutting out meat completely, why not just make some better choices when it comes to buying your meat.

Less Fat

Here at The Catering Butcher’s, we are first and foremost a butcher. So if you are looking to make changes to your diet by means of reducing the fat content in/on your meat our helpful team will be able to either discuss the best cuts for you or trim some of that excess fat from your joint.

Online Store

Head over to our online store where we have a collection of healthy options for you to cook up at home. From tray bakes that simply need popping in the oven, chicken and veg skewers and even lean mince. Ordering online for collection or delivery means that you can kick start your healthy living without worry about what we have left in-store when you get to us. You can always call up to check out our daily offers too.

So, International No Diet Day doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you like for the day, it simply aims to encourage you to ditch the diet in favour of making healthier lifestyle choices, whichever way you choose to do this.

For more information about healthy choices get in touch today or pop in-store and our team will be happy to discuss your best options. Remember to check back to our blogs for the latest updates and information.