Healthy Eating Week 2020

28th September 2020

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the focus on healthy eating, and thinking more about what we are putting into our bodies. Even through the UK wide lockdown of 2020 there has been a focus on continuing to eat healthy and to use local and sustainable sources.
This year’s BNF (British Nutrition Foundation) Healthy Eating Week spans a full seven days from September 28th through to October 4th.
With a huge focus on healthy eating and a drive to eat better and cleaner, why not take the opportunity to make an effort with your meals this week?

What is Healthy Eating Week?

Healthy Eating Week is an initiative started by BNF as a way to raise awareness and inform people about the importance of eating healthy and the impact it can have on our lives. With the increase in people living sedentary lives it is more important now than ever to make individuals aware of the health risks of not eating a healthy balanced diet.
This year, BNF have laid out a focus for each day of the week, helping people to think about what they are doing each day:

  • Eat more wholegrains (Monday);
  • Vary your veg (Tuesday);
  • Drink plenty (Wednesday);
  • Move more (Thursday);
  • Be mind kind (Friday);
  • Get active together (Saturday);
  • Eat together (Sunday).

Healthy Eating and The Catering Butchers

Healthy eating includes eating a good, balanced, varied diet. This doesn’t mean eating nothing but salad for 6 days then on the 7th having a sugar binge. It means eating a balanced meal, for every meal.
Here at The Catering Butchers we know the importance of including a variety of meats within your diet. There are health benefits to all kinds of meat, and even though we would love to eat nothing but tasty meat for our whole meal, it is recommended that we eat it in moderation. The recommended amount of meat/protein according to the BNF is approximately ⅙ of your average plate.
Chicken is well known as a great source of protein, Beef is a great source of Zinc and Iron, Pork is also a great source of protein and other vitamins (while being low in sodium) and lamb contains protein and vitamins that support our immune system.
We offer a range of cuts for each meat, so talk to our expert team today to find out which cut is best for you.
Alongside healthy eating we support moving just that little bit more. So if you’re thinking of calling in this week, why not walk instead of getting in the car? Or make the most of a dry hour and take a walk around the block. The combination of fresh air and exercise will have you feeling better.

Thinking about meal options?

If you aren’t a huge fan of cooking, or it’s not really your strong suit, fear not, we’ve collected a few simple recipes from the wonderful “Food a Fact of Life” website for you to give a try.

  • Lamb Rogan Josh – A wonderful meaty meal with an immense flavour to really tickle your taste buds
  • Pork Thai Bites – Something a little bit different, a great starting point to get the kids trying something new
  • Beef Quesadillas – A firm favourite with anyone who tries Mexican food and a great change up for minced beef from the usual Bolognese
  • Parmesan Chicken Nuggets – a safe bet for the kids with just a little difference for the adults

If you’re supporting Healthy Eating Week call in and visit us to pick up the best cuts for your meals. Let us know what you’re cooking, you never know, you might inspire us too.