Halloween Is Coming To Town

15th October 2020

We might all be stuck inside this October, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get our spook on!
Why not get creative when feeding your little monsters? Give those little zombies some brains to feed on, or Dracula something to sink those fangs into.

Skeleton for Dinner

Build your very own edible centrepiece, in the form of a meaty skeleton! Either head out and get yourself a cheap decorative skull to paste a couple of rashers of bacon over, or build your own from a loaf. Move down to two chunky portions of ribs, don’t forget, the meatier and messier the better! Looking for some intestines? That’s what sausage links are for! After all, who’s intestines look perfect anyway? Get creative with your heart, you can go all out and shape some mine and have a burger heart! Or if you’re looking for something a little redder, try a roasted pepper, or some tomato for added flavour!

Zombies are hungry for brains

We always see brains portrayed by spaghetti, but we feel that’s not meaty enough to be actual brains! So why not cook up some good old mine (try to keep it as stringy as you can) pop in a touch of Bolognese sauce (or even just chopped tomatoes) to get it a bit of colour and sticking power, and form it into a brain. For those super creative folk out there, why not turn a loaf into a head, hollow some out for your brain, and you can even put the top back on!

Pumpkin Pie Face

Its easy enough to carve a pumpkin with your little ones, but what about making your pies look like pumpkins? When it comes to popping the top on your pie, just simply turn it into a jack-o-lantern face! Pumpkin pie (without the actual pumpkin!). If you’re more into pasties, even better, these are easier to shape to give the full effect.

Finger Stew

Sausages are super easy to turn into fingers. A touch of simple knife work turns them from your average sausage, to a finger complete with knuckle lines and nail bed (a slice of onion makes a great nail too). Keep your stew pretty red and thick for a great effect.

If all else fails

We know there are some fussy little ones out there, so if trying something new isn’t going to work for you, keep it simple. Revert back to the good old meaty burger. Whether you turn your burgers into giant spiders (half an onion ring or a fry make great legs) , or you turn your buns into a pumpkin. There are so many things you can do to make a burger spooky!

For all your spooky meaty needs head over to our online shop or call into our retail stores. We’d love to see what creative ideas you can come up with!