It’s Great British Beef Week!

21st April 2021

Great British Beef Week 2021 takes place from the 23rd April to the 30th of April. This annual event was designed to champion British beef and the farmers who produce it. This year’s events focus around the sustainability of British beef and the environmental impact it has.

British Beef

The Great British Beef Week was spearheaded by the Ladies in Beef. The Ladies in Beef are a group of lady beef farmers who encourage the use of British beef, and aim for an eco-friendly and sustainable farming environment up and down the UK.

Co-founder of LiB, Jilly Greed released this statement on why this year’s Great British Beef Week is all about sustainability and eco-responsibility:

“Managing land in a sustainable way is a fundamental responsibility of the modern-day farmer. This includes farming regeneratively, improving grasslands and paddock grazing, planting trees, maintaining wildflowers for the bee population, or harvesting and giving cattle rainwater to drink. British beef production boasts a carbon footprint of just less than half the global average, and reflects the hugely important and positive work our farmers are putting in day-by-day.  It’s vital that we keep bringing attention to the ways our producers are respecting the land, whilst also producing the foods we enjoy eating.”

Supporting British farmers can help us to go a long way towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly farming environment. That’s why The Catering Butchers only supply British Beef.

Beef From The Catering Butcher

Here at The Catering Butcher, all of our beef comes from either Hereford or Angus cattle as these are widely regarded to be the best available. We ensure that all of our beef is sourced from sustainable farms that comply with the Red Tractor Assurance.
We wouldn’t offer our customers anything but the best.

Beef Treats

While we all know our two favourite uses of beef is that hearty beef joint for a sunday roast, or the succulent and juicy beef burger you can throw on the BBQ, there are so many other ways you can incorporate beef into your diet every week. Here are just a few of our favourites!

  • Mongolian beef – This Chinese takeaway favourite can be adapted in so many ways that it can be a favourite for all the family.
  • Beef Bourguignon – This warming favourite can be found in restaurants across the UK, especially in winter, so why not try it for yourself.
  • Beef curries – pick up your favourite spices (or a quick and easy jar) to enjoy a great home beef curry. You can even use leftover from Sunday roast!
  • Beef sandwiches – Whether it’s to take to work, or for the kid’s lunch box, beef sandwiches make a great change for your usual fillings!
  • Beef salads – for those looking to slim their figure, swap out your chicken and fish for a beef salad! Not only is it filling, but it’s also a great source of protein.

For more information on the beef available from The Catering Butcher for both retail and hospitality, please contact a member of our expert team who will be happy to assist you. You can also check out our products page for information. Head over to our online shop to see what cuts we currently have available for you to order.