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Game Meat Suppliers – Try something new in your menu!

21st August 2015

It’s clear that customers are getting more adventurous with the meats and many restaurants are now introducing these delicacies into their menus. Here at the Catering Butcher we pride ourselves on bringing an exceptional level of choice as meat suppliers and this includes many different types of game. Choose from guinea fowl, hare, mallard, pigeon, pheasant, partridge, quail, rabbit, venison, wild boar, alpaca, camel, kangaroo, ostrich, springbok and zebra.

Exceptional Choice from Catering Butcher Meat Suppliers:

These meats can add a new and interesting element to your menus and they enable you to experiment with different flavours which your diners may not have encountered before.  Traditional game meats used to be incredibly popular and they are now regaining their popularity with many people appreciating the rich flavour which is present in game meats. Whether you’re looking for traditional guinea fowl, or something more exotic with our zebra, we have something to suit all tastes.

game meat suppliers

As speciality meat suppliers in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Manchester our game meats are available in a range of different cuts to suit your menu and this includes steaks, breasts, burgers, sausages and whole (although this depends on the type of meat). Just like our other meats we can portion control the meat and help you to develop menus which ensure you meet your GP%.

Learn more about our meat supplies:

If you would like to find out more about why we’re one of the leading meat suppliers in the area then please get in touch! Browse through the different types of game meats available from the Catering Butcher and don’t hesitate in contacting us if you have any questions. We can deliver 6 days a week and even offer same day delivery if you order before 7am!