Here For Your Catering Business

6th April 2021

As places are preparing to reopen post lockdown, have you taken a look at your summer menu? It might be time to offer something new and exciting as patrons will be flooding through the doors as soon as you open.

Menu Services

Over the last year, we have concentrated on our retail store as people have been cooped up at home. Now it’s time to remind all our hospitality customers of some of the great services that we can offer you and your business, starting with menu services.
Creating new and exciting menus for every season can be a daunting task. From creating new recipes, to trying to follow the latest trends and customer favourites, it can all be a bit much. Here at The Catering Butchers, we can take all the hard work away from you, allowing you to spend more time preparing for your grand opening.
We will work closely with you to discuss the style of clientele that you would like to attract and the foods that will work best to draw their attention, while maintaining the appropriate style for your establishment.
There may be some best sellers on your current menu that would be a shame to remove. We can go through these with you to see if they remain as they are or if we look at tweaking these to suit the season, such as swapping out the chips with your lasagne, to a summer salad.

Delivery Services

When it comes to your meat delivery in the hospitality industry we know that timing can be key. Whether you have had a few days that were busier than you expected, or you can only make small orders due to refrigeration space, our delivery and ordering system can make things easier for you.
Each of our deliveries arrives refrigerated, meaning that no matter how warm the weather outside is, your meat will arrive at a cool, safe temperature allowing it to go straight in the fridge and remain fresher for longer. This also helps with putting away your order, as we know that this can take some time, but your order will remain cooler for longer.
We also offer a next day delivery service for those last-minute orders, or top-ups after a busy few days. These are great in summer as it means you don’t have to worry as much about space and keeping meat fresh. This great service is available 6 days a week to make it nice and easy to keep your business stocked.

For more information on any of our services for our hospitality customers, please contact a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to personalise the service for you. For retail customers, remember to check out our online shop for some great weekly offers and deals.