Feeding the Family with The Catering Butcher

10th September 2020

Have you got to the point where you are feeding your family the same selection of meals week in week out? With the same meals appearing on the table, are the family starting to get a little bored?
We’ve pulled together a great selection of home made ideas to give you a bit of a shake up in the kitchen.
And if you’re still home self-isolating, fear not, our Online Store is there for you to get the very best cuts of meat for every meal.

Pie Night

The title of this one answers it all. Take a chance on a home cooked pie! By cooking your own pie you know exactly what you are putting in and the fresh ingredients your family are eating. Speak to our team for some pie ideas or head over to the BBC good food guide for a step by step on a range of pies.
Add some homemade mash from our wonderfully fresh potatoes and you have a great hearty meal suitable for an autumn evening.
Don’t worry, if it all goes wrong we also stock Wrights Pies, the family might not believe its home cooked, but at least you know they’ll love it.

Steak Night

We all love a good steak when we go out for a meal, so why not give it a try at home? So you might not get it that perfect medium rare the first time around, or it might look a little dark even for a well done, but you’ve done it yourself! And that’s what counts! IF you’re feeling a little more confident, why not go all out and treat the family to a hearty mixed grill! Stick a few homemade chips and half a tomato on the side and it beats any fancy restaurant.

Curry Club

Spice is the variety of life! You might have a few family members who can’t handle the heat, or you might all be big spice lovers! The beautiful thing about a home cooked curry if you can get the level of spice just right! Our great collection of ready diced meats makes the job even easier. (we also stock jars of curry sauce, but don’t worry, we won’t tell the family if you don’t!)

Chicken Dance

Chicken. The firm favourite across the UK. From chicken dinners, to chicken curry. Chicken nuggets to chicken and chips. No matter what form it hits our plates in, chances are we’ll eat it. So why not plate up something tasty, courtesy of The Catering Butchers. We have a selection of marinated chicken breasts, along with ready to go chicken kebabs! The amazing flavour allows you to add any sides you like for a full taste sensation. Our Tikka Tandoor pairs great with a side of rice and veg, while our Maple BBQ goes great with chunky homemade chips and a side of mayo. Have a selection for the family to suit each taste, it’ll be the easiest family meal win!

Pork Passion

Are you as passionate about pork as we are? Great! From traditional pork sausages or a pork joint, to some tasty Chinese pork, or meaty pork ribs, there’s something for every household. We consider pork to be the underestimated meat. So here’s a challenge for you. Think of a dish you would usually serve with chicken, now give that a go with pork! You’ll thank us later.

Beef Eater

Beef burgers, beef lasagne, beef Bolognese, beef steak, beef pie, beef bourguignon. Beef is such a versatile meat to work with. We’re sure it tastes completely different depending on what it goes in. We could mince half a steak and you’ll have one flavour, grill the other half for a completely different one. So, how could you get bored of beef? If it’s cooked the same every time, that’s how. Mix it up a bit. Cook your beef with some new ingredients, throw some chillies in there to add a splash of spice. Add some different sides to give your family the illusion of new tastes. Why not your steak with a side of rice and veg? Or topped with sweet chilli sauce? You never know, something you find in the cupboard might make your new favourite meal.

Whether you follow a recipe or try something new for yourselves, get inventive. The same old food can become tired and dated, and while we may change the way we cook things over time, its still the same meal. Collect a bunch of ingredients and throw it all together, never make notes, it takes the fun out of inventive creations! Whatever you make, call instore, or head over to our online store and get yourself the freshest ingredients.