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What are the Benefits of Catering Meat Suppliers?

20th July 2018

Whether you’re planning a party, a business/ corporate event, wedding or charitable event, the catering can make all the difference. How many times have you walked away from any of the above and the main talking point is the food? Choosing your catering meat suppliers, therefore, is not a decision to be made without proper research and investigation.

Our Catering Meat Suppliers take care of it all!

Catering meat suppliers add extra pizzazz to your event that helps spread your message or image. There are several benefits to a meat supplier rather than going it alone which we will discuss below.

  • First and foremost, the quality. The quality of the food speaks volumes, all our meat is freshly sourced throughout the supply chain. This ensures none of our signature flavours is lost in transit.
  • Choosing the Catering Butcher, customers have a huge choice of product variety. Our menu includes beef, poultry, pork, lamb, sausage, burger and so much more.
  • We take care of it all, The Catering Butcher delivers the complete service including, fast delivery, menu planning and portion control to name a few.
  • Finally, we are an accredited butcher by both the Food Standards Agency, the ECC and SALSA.

Need more information about our Catering Meat Suppliers?

Here at The Catering Butcher, we’ve been the catering meat suppliers for over 300 industries across the north and middle of England. We moved from the local butcher to a wholesale butcher in 1999 and have helped hotels, restaurants, pubs and other big companies with their menu planning, portion management and whilst offering same and next day delivery. For more information about our service or our complete menu. Get in touch with a member of The Catering Butcher team today. We’re trained in both conventional and continental forms of butchery, so no job is too big for us!