Back To Work Lunches

11th March 2021

As UK lockdowns begin to ease, more and more of us are making our way back into the office. While working from home, many of us have become accustomed to eating better foods rather than convenience foods like pot noodles that we may have eaten before. So why not spoil yourself with high quality and good lunches with products available from your favourite butchers?

Meaty Butties

A historically firm favourite for lunches, whether you are in a corporate office, a building site or even a schoolyard, is the sandwich. Whether you are building your sandwich to the point of bursting, or you love the simple life, nothing beats a proper meaty sandwich.
Choose from succulent beef, juicy chicken and hearty ham, ready to build your butties.

Meaty Salads

For those of you who look at eating less bread in their diets (we’ve all put on a few lockdown pounds) why not treat yourself to a lovely healthy salad, piled up with plenty of meat for protein. Whether you buy a joint to cook up and use for the whole family or you buy sliced meats to cut up and add to your salad.
We also offer a selection of flavoured meats which make the perfect addition to flavour up any salad.


Do you want to take something with a splash of flavour without all the added effort on a work night? Take out some of the hard by taking home one of our ready to go traybakes. Filled with hearty meats, coated in flavours and spices, ready to pop in the oven the night before, with minimal effort.

Daily Essentials

When it comes to your lunches, both our retail store and our online shop have a range of essentials available to help you to get all the stuff you need for the perfect lunch in one simple place. We have a range of bread, oatcakes, rolls amongst other essentials like butter.

Head over to our retail store for the latest deals and offers suitable to take to work with you. You can also get in touch if you have any questions about our products. Remember to check back to our blogs regularly for more great ideas.