Adding Cheese To Your Meats

4th June 2021

It’s National Cheese Day here in the UK (4th June 2021) so what a great time to look at how adding cheese to your meaty dishes can give you a taste sensation!

Where Do We Already See Meat And Cheese?

We see meaty dishes, with cheese accompaniments on an almost daily basis, however, how often do you register the combination of meat and cheese in one dish? Here some that you might already be enjoying!
Oatcakes – Here in Stoke-on-Trent, where The Catering Butcher started its life, oatcakes are a firm staple meal. For many people, the draw of the oatcake usually includes sausage or bacon (or both!) smothered in melted cheese.
Lasagne – A classic meal that we add into many of our catering menus, a firm family favourite that many people make at home and a generous offering from our Italian friends. The juicy minced beef that you add to your lasagne wouldn’t be complete without that lush cheese layer over the top.
Pizza – From meat feast pizzas to simple pepperoni or the questionable Hawaiian, we love our meaty pizzas. And what is that wonderful taste that completes the pizza? That would be the thick layer of melted cheese.
Cheeseburgers – Obvious now you’ve read it, right? Many of us forget that this is a meat and cheese combo, even though we see adverts for cheeseburgers everywhere! And as a nation, we love them!

Adding Cheese

Now we’ve reminded you of some very important cheesy meat dishes, how will you cheese up your meal this national cheese day?
If you love both meat and cheese, there should be no restrictions on how you can get creative! So why not gather the family and throw some ideas around? Cheese-topped steak? Hunters chicken? Or how about some of our kebab skewers with cheese melted over them for a mouth-watering sensation.
With BBQ weather finally here, take a look at our fantastic BBQ and meat boxes, throw them on the BBQ and melt a touch of mature cheddar over the top for a real flavourful treat.

Here at The Catering Butchers, we love meat, and we love cheese, so we can’t wait to see some of your tasty creations!
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